WEB737 We Make Websites Call 0208 591 3287 How websites work…… as easy as 1-2-3

Google registration is free        

Make sure any pictures you use are legal ( you own them )

Law ….. Your trading address Email and phone numbers must be on your website,

              Government can shut websites down for crime or false address

Upgrades …. At cost,

Support  …. Use your password …. Keep passwords secret  

How fast can I be online - Usually within an hour

Can I sell … My website - yes !    

Can I change my website name … Yes log into your domain account and buy a new one .co.uk is best

Can I get a new website from a new company ….. yes log in and change the code

Some website companies keep everything ……with us you own everything

What happens if I dont renew the www. and hosting …. The website just stops

How much is hosting ? - For most websites £55 every year

1 2 We design you a website, show it to you, when ok buy it …and you go live 3 To keep a website live you need hosting this is the space where the  website lives it renews every year ( first year is included ) Finding out …. Questions….